Find the Wealth and Freedom

to Live Out Your Life’s Purpose and

Passions While Helping Others

This home-based business model is centered on the ideas in the movie “The Secret” and the “Law of Attraction.” We teach people to let go of self-limiting beliefs and focus on living empowered and fulfilled lives.


YES Home-Based Businesses DO Work


YES You CAN Make A lot of Money

Notice, I said CAN. Don’t make the mistake of thinking Home-Based Businesses are a free ticket to paradise. They DO require dedication and work. But the good news is, you will be shown how to make a 6-figure income in this solid, systematized, home based business model your FIRST year.

Welcome to my Website,

If you are searching for a get-rich-quick scheme this is not the place for you. If you are looking for a business in which you can create the personal and financial freedom to live a life of fulfillment, then you have found an opportunity that may be just what you are looking for.How Can I Help You Today?

Leading income earners in this company come from all walks of life. Former teachers, nurses, business owners, sales executives, contractors, stay at home moms, real estate agents, and factory workers, are just a few examples. Many people in this company, including myself have had absolutely NO Internet Marketing or marketing experience for that matter prior to getting involved.

In my former profession I was tired of feeling no appreciation, being in an atmosphere of negativity, and feeling as though I was not being adequately compensated for my time or talents. This business has given me the opportunity to be my own boss, work toward my own dreams as opposed to someone else’s, find fulfillment in my life, and earn an income that would have never been possible in my previous profession. The best part is, I am able to help others by offering this opportunity to them and that is rewarding.

On my website you will find more information about this life-changing home-based business opportunity. I urge you to read on and truly consider how you would be different if you could live out your life’s purpose and passions.

Yours Truly,


If Any of the Following Scenarios Apply To You

This Business May Be the Answer

  • You are in a job that limits your income and offers no opportunities to change it
  • You find yourself spending too many hours at work and not enough with friends and family
  • You don’t feel appreciated or that your true-potential has yet to be tapped into
  • You have an entrepreneurial spirit, but the right opportunity hasn’t come your way yet
  • You have hesitated to start your own business for fear of feeling like you are on your own
  • You are interested in working full or part time from your home
  • You want to have the time and ability to give back to your community and the world
  • You want to help empower others and see them succeed
  • You have an interest in personal development and have always wanted to apply it to your career
  • You are looking for a way to step outside of the situation (be it personal, financial, professional, or any other) that you have kept yourself in due to your fears and limiting beliefs

How Do I Know I Can Do This?

Are you an ambitious, self-motivated individual dedicated to making a change in your current financial situation? I am only looking for people ready to make serious changes personally and financially. Only you can decide if you will be successful at this or not, it is all about your mindset. The life-changing personal development program that accompanies this business will help you attain the mindset, solidify your goals, and harness the power that already lies within you. These attributes will allow you to step outside your self-limiting beliefs and achieve whatever is it that you most desire. Here are a few more facts that may put you at ease:

  • This business requires no formal education just plenty of determination and desire!
  • The company provides over 10 live training calls each week
  • Along with company sponsored trainings, I will be mentoring you to achieve the personal and financial goals you set
  • This is a PROVEN system boasting many six and even 7 figure earners in the company
  • Your past employment does not matter
  • You will be a part of a caring, worldwide community that is always ready to help

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10 08 2009

I’m interested in finding out what type of home business you’re talking about.

2 09 2009
Frank Wakefield

Help me Please !!!

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