Generating Wealth – 4 Tips You Need to Know

29 06 2009

Are you frustrated by the constant feeling of not having enough money? Looking for ways to change your situation but just don’t know where to begin? You are not alone. As a matter of fact, many people are looking for ways to create more wealth in their life but truthfully, just don’t know how. Here are 4 necessary tips for generating more wealth in your life.

1. Gratitude
Although some may find this hard to believe the MOST important step to generating wealth in your life is to feel grateful for what you already have. Wealth is usually thought of as money. In reality, what is it that makes you truly wealthy? If you sat in a multi-million dollar mansion by yourself, would you be wealthy? No, you would most likely be lonely. It is very important to realize that true wealth in your life comes from the relationships, sentimental belongings, and the wisdom you possess. True wealth is having love in your life. That being said, feeling grateful is something you need to do on a daily basis. Try keeping a gratitude journal and write down just 5 things a day for which you are grateful. It could be that on the way to work you only had to stop at one red light, it could be that your infant child went to sleep last night without crying, or maybe that you are going to your favorite restaurant for dinner. Whatever it may be, feel grateful for the blessings in your life and you will begin to feel how much true wealth you already possess.

2. High Self-Esteem

It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to be accepting of yourself and have a high self-esteem. Truly successful people have persevered through many rejections and jeers along the path to wealth. One reason is that most people are too lazy or too afraid of success to go after wealth them self. When they hear of a friend, family member, or coworker trying to better themselves they often put them down out of jealousy. The higher your level of self-esteem the more you will ignore negative forces and dare to go after that which you most desire. Your confidence is what will drive you to act upon your dreams. The people that don’t succeed are those who let their self-esteem be affected by negative forces or frustration. People are attracted to leaders, people with confidence. If you were considering going into business with someone but they were extremely insecure would you take the risk? Self-esteem is an extremely important, yet often overlooked factor in generating wealth in your life.

3. Get Focused on Your Goals

To be successful you must get crystal clear on what you want to achieve or have in your life. A focused person is a determined person. If you don’t know exactly what you are striving for, how can you expect to get it? To create wealth in your life, you must focus on that which you desire, allow nothing to distract you, and get the job done. If you don’t have your 1, 5, and even 20 year goals for every aspect of your life written out, it is high-time you did so. Accomplishing your goals has just as much to do with visualizing your life after achieving them as it does physically getting there. Get crystal clear on what you think your life would look like when you consider yourself truly wealthy, and you will see changes begin to take place. Don’t just say I want to drive a Mercedes, decide exactly what model, color, and interior you want. Then feel what it would be like to drive that car. Visualization is an extremely important tool in creating wealth. Get clear on your goals and you will be that much closer to attaining wealth!

4. Persistent Action

This last factor is one that gives the impression of being the most obvious and yet it seems to be the reason most people fail to achieve their goals. One reason is that persistency is a difficult quality to possess. It takes self-esteem to overcome setbacks, and the focus to accept nothing less than your goals. Taking action is easy when things are going your way, but when you hit a roadblock, are you going to give up, or persevere? Procrastination will get you nowhere, and being busy is not the same as being productive. You must act consistently, productively, and with confidence to achieve the wealth that you desire.

Now you understand that creating wealth has everything to do with your growth as a person and not just the growth of your money in the bank. When you change your opinion of what true wealth means and become willing to step outside the box and take persistent action, wealth will find its way into your life. Your wealth grows as you do so open up your heart and mind today!


Procrastination: Overcome this Limiting Habit!

29 06 2009

Unfortunately, many people find themselves procrastinating almost on a daily basis. If you’ve ever taken a moment to think about what exactly it is that you procrastinate, it is probably only a few dreaded activities. Those few activities that you procrastinate are the ones that often require the most thinking, effort, or putting yourself out for potential rejection. When you put off those ultimately very important tasks, it makes it hard for the law of attraction to work in your favor. Here are some suggestions as to why we procrastinate and what you can do to overcome it!

Procrastination sends mix signals that you may not want to attain your goals as badly as you claim. When you allow this bad habit to keep you from doing the things in your life which will get you closer to your goals, your vibrations become misaligned with what you are intending. You will not attain a life of happiness and abundance through procrastination.

If you allow procrastination to take over your daily actions, you will be vastly limited in achieving your goals. It is easy to beat yourself up after allowing procrastination to keep you from taking goal-reaching actions. I’m not saying it will be easy to overcome procrastination, but it is necessary to align your vibrations with your intentions for your life.

The first thing you must realize when trying to overcome procrastination, is that it usually stems from underlying fears or resistance of some kind. Commonly, people doubt their abilities to do something, or fear rejection and possibly failure. You must overcome those fears and doubts to push aside procrastination. You may not even be consciously aware of certain doubts or fears, but you can bet that if you are procrastinating a task there is a fear or doubt lingering somewhere nearby.

Here is an example.

Many people often procrastinate calling back sales leads. Some get so worked up that the thought of picking up the phone literally puts them in a cold sweat. They convince themselves of how bad it is to call people back and procrastinate the inevitable. These people are afraid of rejection, doubt their own abilities, and may dread someone being mean to them on the phone. Allowing their underlying fears to take over, these people imagine the worst possible scenario before they even pick up the receiver.

In response to these fears, they procrastinate.

To overcome procrastination, these people need to learn to step back, take a breath and remind themselves that millions of people make sales every day. They have to put into perspective that calling back leads is the most important aspect of their job. No amount of paperwork, or office organization will be as productive as simply talking to people on the phone. What they must realize is that chances are they are just as good if not better than any other business person talking on the phone. It is all about self-esteem. Imagine how great you will feel after making that call and having a positive outcome.

The reflection that you are just as good at the task which you are procrastinating as anyone else helps you to move past this limiting habit. When procrastination becomes a thing of the past, your vibrations will be back in line with what you are intending and the law of attraction will be able to work in your life. So if you find yourself procrastinating around a certain task, take a minute to listen to yourself and tune into what is going on in your mind. Find the underlying feeling or emotion and then change it to something positive. You will feel much less limited by these doubts and fears and replace them with productive action.

Follow Your Passions! Climb a Mountain!

27 06 2009

The Millionaire Lifestyle: How to Live it Without Breaking the Bank

27 06 2009

Many of us familiar with the Law of Attraction know that the quickest way to achieve our goals is to think, feel, and act as though we have that which we desire already in our lives. For many of us, becoming a millionaire is one of these goals. Before we can expect to become a millionaire, we must live and act in a way that attracts this new lifestyle into our awareness. This does not mean go out to the local BMW dealership and buy a brand new car. The money simply will not appear overnight in the bank. Living with abundance and prosperity can be just as much in your mind as in your wallet. True riches come from abundance in your life which can be achieved by your behavior and how you promote yourself. Here are some simple tips to living like a millionaire today!

1) Gratitude
The quickest path to riches, hands down is gratitude. You must first feel grateful for the many blessings in your life before you can expect to get more. No matter how bad things may seem I guarantee there is at least one thing, person, or situation that you can be grateful for. Even, if the situation is as simple as being grateful for a green light when you were in a hurry. No matter how small or stupid it may seem look for that one thing or person and allow that gratitude to grow. Feel the gratitude within yourself and take a few moments just to focus on it. You cannot expect to live an abundant life if you have bottled up anger and resentment.

2) Live for Success
Successful people don’t waste their days away procrastinating all that should be done. Try getting up a little earlier in the morning and start to plan your day. You might begin your day by exercising and filling your mind with positive thoughts and affirmations. If you are looking for a career change or exploring the possibility of starting your own business, don’t just wait for it to happen, make a plan and take action! Sometimes feeling like a millionaire is as simple as changing the way you dress. If sweatpants or jeans and a T-shirt are your permanent uniform, try dressing up a bit. You don’t have to buy expensive dress clothes, any will do. As you begin to feel more confident in yourself you can do some browsing and window shopping at those more expensive stores and begin feeling what it would be like to live a millionaire lifestyle.

3) Seek Out Positive People and Surroundings
I can go on and on until I am blue in the face about how important it is to surround yourself with positive people. Associating with those that continually put you down, or remind you of how sick you were last week, or just simply can’t find anything positive to talk about won’t do you a bit of good. Recognize those people in your life who are positive, and begin spending more time with them. If you cannot get away from the negative forces in your life, explain to them that you only wish to talk about positive things. This is your chance to affirm your new and positive self. Finding the positive applies to your surroundings as well. Try going to an expensive hotel or bar, and buy yourself a drink (just one is ok). While dressed in your nice clothes having a drink at this expensive bar begin soaking up what it will be like to live a millionaire lifestyle. Get used to having prosperity and abundance abound in your life.

4) Expect Success
Now that you understand how to live like a millionaire without breaking the bank, expect success in your life. If you don’t expect success and abundance in your life, who will? Obviously, these tips will not work if you do not run your business with effort and persistence. Work hard, put forth your best effort and anticipate prosperity and abundance to begin manifesting themselves in your life. The universe does not conspire against you, it actually wishes all this for you and is waiting to give it to you right now. Believe that you deserve to become a millionaire and live the millionaire lifestyle. Be grateful for all that you have, and put forth your best effort persistently and consistently and you will see major changes take place in your life. Open up your heart and your hands to the possibilities and believe that you have already accomplished your goals.

Home-Based Business: The Best of Both Worlds

24 06 2009

Could you imagine a life in which your professional and personal lives were in harmony? Where you could actually say that you loved your job and were relaxed enough while spending time with your family to enjoy it! Most professionals tend to fall apart when it comes to balancing work and family. Enter: the home-based business. Owning a home-based business gives people the rare opportunity to pair a professional career and the comfort of your own home. Here are three reasons why a home-based business is a no-brainer.

1. Freedom and Flexibility of Schedule
Think about your current professional situation. What aspect of your job do you dislike the most? The pushy boss? The annoying coworker? For most of us including myself it was the rigid schedule. Owning a home-based business gives you the freedom to create your own work schedule and the flexibility to change it anytime you want! So, if waking up early to have breakfast with your family then taking your kids to school and working out before you hit the office is what you choose to do, then go for it! Creating your own schedule allows you to get done what you need to do while building in time for your family without feeling stressed.

2. A Typical Work Day
Most entrepreneurs that I talk to have some sort of schedule that they typically stick to, however this schedule may look nothing like your traditional 9-5 work day. They may get up and work out, or watch ESPN for a bit in the morning while having coffee then many head to the office for 3-4 hours. Home based business entrepreneurs spend their time updating their marketing campaigns, assisting members of their team, checking email and making any other necessary calls such as calling leads. The great thing about a home-based business is that on many occasions you can achieve what needs to be done for the day in about 4 hours, leaving afternoon hours to enjoy your family and hobbies.

3. Qualifications
The great news is you don’t need any! Anyone, from any walk of life can own a home-based business. Being an entrepreneur is more about the qualities that you have as a person and the effort you are willing to put into learning the necessary skills. These skills can be learned along the way via webinars, mentors, etc. Formal schooling of any kind is not necessary to get started. You will quickly figure out what you need to know how to do and with the right mindset of determination and perseverance you can be a very successful business owner. Because there are no long courses of study to become qualified, home-based businesses tend to have a quick turnaround from the time you get involved to the point where you are making money.

As you head into work tomorrow, stressing over deadlines or maybe dreading that co-worker or boss, consider how your life would be different if you were a home-based business owner. Imagine the level of relaxation and time to spend with your family that would become normal in your life. If this vision looks ideal, do something about it. As stated by many wise people; If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

Top 5 Reasons Why An Internet Based Business is a Great Idea!

23 06 2009

Have you thought about starting a business but are holding back because of the down economy? Well of course the economy may have an affect on certain types of businesses, but today I am going to tell you why Internet Based Businesses are thriving and why it might be a great idea for you to join the club!

1. Your Own Security Net
You may find yourself one of the millions of people who are already out of work or may soon be out of work due to this economy. As dedicated, motivated, and successful in your corporate America job as you are, is there really any sense of security? Will your boss (who thinks you are great) really have any power to keep you in a job when the company goes bankrupt? Don’t get me wrong, no one wants to see a business go under but it is the reality today. Why not be in charge of your own destiny and not worry about working more and more hours to impress the bosses to keep your job. As an entrepreneur you have the freedom personally, financially, and creatively to form your future the way you see it. As owner of an Internet Based Business the opportunities available using your own ingenuity are innumerable.

2. Access to Large Markets
In today’s day and age it makes no sense not to tap into the Internet to gain access to a much larger market than you could find locally. Just to give you an idea of exactly how many people can be accessed through the Internet take a look at these numbers: In 2008 there were 215 million people online in the U.S. This makes up 71.4% of the population. There were 1,464 million people online worldwide which makes up 21.9% of the world population (Brenner). Need I say more? It doesn’t make sense pulling your hair out over a traditional brick-and-mortar business these days.

3. Ability to Make A lot of Money
Who controls your income? Would you rather it be you, or your boss? Who decides what your time and efforts are worth? Do you realize that your company is buying your time at the wholesale cost and selling it for retail? It cannot be stressed enough, how rewarding it is to work for yourself. Home based businesses make up a $427 billion a year industry. Make yourself a part of it! You control what your time is worth, you control your income by the level of effort and dedication you put into your business, and you can use your own creativity to improve your current situation. The Internet provides an incredible opportunity for all of you entrepreneurial spirited people out there just waiting to take that leap. I urge you not to wait any longer. Don’t let self-limiting beliefs hold you back. Act now!

4. Many Potential Customers Also Looking For Change
You are not alone! There are many other people in the world looking to change their current situation due to the poor economy or for any number of other reasons. You could be the one to help them out! People are realizing that traditional is not necessarily the way to go anymore. Cutting edge, Internet Based Businesses are where the money and opportunities are at these days. Just like you, people want a greater sense of financial security and though their previous business may have thrived during good economic years, they may be struggling at the moment too. They will be much more likely to consider getting involved in an Internet Based Business now than ever before.

5. Low Start Up Costs and Short Turnaround Time
In a traditional business model an owner has a ton of overhead to invest in. You have to consider rent, employees, utility bills, and the list goes on and on. Internet Based Businesses are often run from the home with only the overhead of running your home office and your internet marketing. Very often Internet Based Businesses are run by one person who outsources tasks that he or she does not want to do themselves. Costs can be increased or decreased depending on the owner’s current situation. The turnaround time from getting involved in an Internet Based Business to the time that you can actually start making money is very short. No level of schooling or formal training is necessary if you are willing to put forth the effort to learn the necessary skills. The average computer savvy person can get up and running in just a day or two with little or no help. For those of you with no previous Internet marketing experience like me, a learning curve is inevitable. However, in just several weeks you should easily have some degree of marketing in place so that you can be making money as you fine-tune your Internet-marketing skills. Compare weeks to years of college!

So while the economy is negatively affecting many businesses, the Internet-Based Business sector is taking off. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by! Create your own security blanket, access large markets that include many people also looking to make a change and make serious money while doing it! When you decide to get involved with an Internet Based Business you will experience low start up costs and a short turnaround time for making money. I wish you all the best and hope that by now you have caught the entrepreneurial bug!

Brenner Information Group. Interesting Internet Facts. 2000-2008. 6/22/09.

The Top 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Rocks

23 06 2009

1. Mondays
In my previous profession Sunday nights always brought on feelings of stress, nervousness and dread. Sunday nights marked the end of the fun! Normally, a sound sleeper, Sunday nights I often laid awake for hours with my mind racing about the upcoming week. As an entrepreneur, I am totally relaxed on Sunday evenings and look forward to the upcoming week. I get excited to do what I love on Mondays!

2. Freedom and Flexibility of Schedule
My typical morning: coffee with the husband, gym, shower, office by about 9, check email and update social networking profiles, make necessary calls, and then start thinking about lunch. In the afternoon I usually work on marketing, this could always change though based on events, visitors, vacations, etc. I get things done… on my own time. I have no one looking over my shoulder, ready to do a performance evaluation, no one to ask permission for time off, and no unnecessary pressure or negativity from a boss or coworker.

3. Blaze Your Own Trail to Success
As an employee, the thought process is spend a small fortune getting the education necessary to secure a job, work your way up the professional ladder by adding hours to your workweek and stress to your life. After working your life away for 30+ years you retire, at which point you hope your health is in good enough shape to travel a bit and enjoy life.
Entrepreneurs start with a dream, a vision, and then most importantly, they take the risk to live that dream. They understand that without taking risks you cannot find the greatest success. Entrepreneurs work their tails off to build up an empire, then proceed to hire assistants and outsource tasks. All the while growing as a person and enjoying the ride. They believe waiting until retirement to travel and enjoy life is silly.

4. Use Creative Freedom to Find Wealth
Entrepreneurs are great at using new ideas gained through the life-long learning process to constantly change and improve their businesses. Everyone gets bored, as an employee there isn’t much you can do about it. As an entrepreneur, you can try new things, whether it is a new product, service, or marketing campaign. You can even go outside of your main business genre to seek creative outlets regarding other passions in your life. There are very few millionaires that are not entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs we are in control of our own destinies and have the power and ingenuity to create wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

5. Be Your Own Security
In this time of recession, being your own boss is about the best position you can be in. As entrepreneurs we have options. We can use creative marketing techniques to reach new customers, alter our products, and refine our businesses to continue to find success. Depending on your business and level of creativity, you may work a little harder to succeed in recession times, or you may even utilize the recession to make your business boom, but either way, you will make it. In corporate America, nobody has a sense of security because nobody is in control of their own future.

6. Join a Motivated, Passionate, and Empowered Group
Entrepreneurs are a unique group. We come together at conferences and events to mastermind, learn, and support one another. As a result of living out our true purpose and passions in life we are a positive, successful, and talented group. Passions become talents that range from stand up comedy, to surfing, to professional dancing. Needless to say entrepreneurs make an interesting group. The desire to learn new ways to improve their business makes entrepreneurs a highly educated group always on the cutting edge. Entrepreneurs overcome failure, avoid repeating it, persevere and celebrate their success.

7. Recession Breeds Opportunity
As the recession wreaks havoc on big businesses with high overhead, opportunities emerge for small businesses. Staying on the cutting edge pays in this bad economy. Finding new markets by way of the Internet, outsourcing, and figuring out what type of product people are really looking for are just a few ways to find unprecedented levels of success. By using their ingenuity, entrepreneurs decide to what extent they will let the recession affect them.

Kudos to all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there, and to those of you with entrepreneurial spirits who haven’t made the move yet, I encourage you to think long and hard about what is holding you back.