Feeling Good: Much Deeper Than Just a Smile

19 06 2009

Feeling good goes much deeper than a smile on your face. The law of attraction movie that came out several years ago discussed the need to feel good. I remember one author emphasizing this need when he concluded by saying the main reason why we desire the things we desire is because when we get them, we feel good. While manifesting a desired material thing instantly will take practice and time to perfect, changing our mood or emotion from a negative state to a ‘feel good’ or positive state is something that is achievable now.
Throughout the ages, feeling good has been studied by various religions and scientists. You may have heard of an ancient law practiced by religions in the east known as the ‘law of karma’. Christians have recognized this power and mention it in the Bible with the phrase “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Scientist, Isaac Newton states in his Third Law of Motion: “For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.” Catching the similarities? Despite differences in origin and purpose the basis of the teachings of these three entities sound alarmingly similar. According to each, for any action e.g. giving money to a charity, there is a corresponding action, e.g. receiving money in return. Offering to help a neighbor warrants someone helping you out. A rude comment toward someone induces a rude comment in your direction. This law of the universe, known as the Law of Attraction is in effect all the time, and it doesn’t differentiate between positive and negative vibrations. yaeger
Let’s take for example, the person who keeps to themselves and minds their own business. You would think they are incurring neither good nor bad in the karmic grid, right? They neither give nor steal, smile nor cause ill will, but simply go about their daily business. Surely, this person would not be tipping the balance positively or negatively. They wake up each morning silently thinking to themselves ‘if I were rich, I wouldn’t have to wake up this early.’ As they get ready for work they subconsciously think ‘Why am I poor? Why couldn’t I have been born into wealth?’ As they drive through rush hour traffic they think, ‘Why me? Why did I get stuck behind this moving truck?’ At work they are greeted with a laundry list of things to do from the boss that they (silently) can’t stand. Finally home, they watch the evening news and think about how terrible the ongoing gang violence is, and how horrific the bombings in a Middle Eastern country are. Today, they may not have done a good deed, but they haven’t hurt anyone either, so why fear good or bad karmic return?
If we go back to the Law of Attraction movie, one particular author states that thoughts are things. All of the material things we have and all of the accomplishments we have achieved started with an idea, a thought. Thinking about something works toward the materialization of that thing especially when paired with a matching emotion. Eastern teachings state that our thoughts gather around us similar to an aura and that it attracts thoughts of similar context. Suddenly, this person’s normal day is not as neutral as we once thought it to be. Your most secret thoughts do not stay hidden within you. They affect others who think about similar thoughts. Begin to recognize how often you are having positive thoughts, and how often you are having negative thoughts. Test yourself by trying to go an entire day without a negative thought and see how much happier you feel. Our thoughts control our destiny. Good thoughts attract good, and bad thoughts attract bad. You are in control of your life and you can start taking control today by the thoughts you allow yourself to entertain.




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7 07 2009


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