The Top 7 Reasons Why Entrepreneurship Rocks

23 06 2009

1. Mondays
In my previous profession Sunday nights always brought on feelings of stress, nervousness and dread. Sunday nights marked the end of the fun! Normally, a sound sleeper, Sunday nights I often laid awake for hours with my mind racing about the upcoming week. As an entrepreneur, I am totally relaxed on Sunday evenings and look forward to the upcoming week. I get excited to do what I love on Mondays!

2. Freedom and Flexibility of Schedule
My typical morning: coffee with the husband, gym, shower, office by about 9, check email and update social networking profiles, make necessary calls, and then start thinking about lunch. In the afternoon I usually work on marketing, this could always change though based on events, visitors, vacations, etc. I get things done… on my own time. I have no one looking over my shoulder, ready to do a performance evaluation, no one to ask permission for time off, and no unnecessary pressure or negativity from a boss or coworker.

3. Blaze Your Own Trail to Success
As an employee, the thought process is spend a small fortune getting the education necessary to secure a job, work your way up the professional ladder by adding hours to your workweek and stress to your life. After working your life away for 30+ years you retire, at which point you hope your health is in good enough shape to travel a bit and enjoy life.
Entrepreneurs start with a dream, a vision, and then most importantly, they take the risk to live that dream. They understand that without taking risks you cannot find the greatest success. Entrepreneurs work their tails off to build up an empire, then proceed to hire assistants and outsource tasks. All the while growing as a person and enjoying the ride. They believe waiting until retirement to travel and enjoy life is silly.

4. Use Creative Freedom to Find Wealth
Entrepreneurs are great at using new ideas gained through the life-long learning process to constantly change and improve their businesses. Everyone gets bored, as an employee there isn’t much you can do about it. As an entrepreneur, you can try new things, whether it is a new product, service, or marketing campaign. You can even go outside of your main business genre to seek creative outlets regarding other passions in your life. There are very few millionaires that are not entrepreneurs. As entrepreneurs we are in control of our own destinies and have the power and ingenuity to create wealth beyond our wildest dreams.

5. Be Your Own Security
In this time of recession, being your own boss is about the best position you can be in. As entrepreneurs we have options. We can use creative marketing techniques to reach new customers, alter our products, and refine our businesses to continue to find success. Depending on your business and level of creativity, you may work a little harder to succeed in recession times, or you may even utilize the recession to make your business boom, but either way, you will make it. In corporate America, nobody has a sense of security because nobody is in control of their own future.

6. Join a Motivated, Passionate, and Empowered Group
Entrepreneurs are a unique group. We come together at conferences and events to mastermind, learn, and support one another. As a result of living out our true purpose and passions in life we are a positive, successful, and talented group. Passions become talents that range from stand up comedy, to surfing, to professional dancing. Needless to say entrepreneurs make an interesting group. The desire to learn new ways to improve their business makes entrepreneurs a highly educated group always on the cutting edge. Entrepreneurs overcome failure, avoid repeating it, persevere and celebrate their success.

7. Recession Breeds Opportunity
As the recession wreaks havoc on big businesses with high overhead, opportunities emerge for small businesses. Staying on the cutting edge pays in this bad economy. Finding new markets by way of the Internet, outsourcing, and figuring out what type of product people are really looking for are just a few ways to find unprecedented levels of success. By using their ingenuity, entrepreneurs decide to what extent they will let the recession affect them.

Kudos to all of my fellow entrepreneurs out there, and to those of you with entrepreneurial spirits who haven’t made the move yet, I encourage you to think long and hard about what is holding you back.




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