LifePath Unlimited: Real Facts for a Real Business

1 07 2009

LifePath Unlimited is a direct sales company in the personal development genre that is creating waves in the home business industry. It is capturing the attention of top industry leaders from other companies in the same genre. People that have struggled in other companies are leaving those to join LifePath Unlimited in huge numbers. Not only are they joining LifePath, they are finding the personal and financial success they have always wanted. LifePath Unlimited has developed a cutting edge product line in the area of personal development and applied the home business direct sales distribution model to it.


Here is the company’s three tiered Personal Development product line:

1. Discovery Series – 56-Day Home Study Course
2. Breakthrough – 4 day all-inclusive conference for two in an exotic location
3. Destiny – 5 day all-inclusive prosperity development conference for two in an exotic location

The Discovery Series is the core product of the business. It was created by bringing together the knowledge 14 Luminaries who each lead their field within the Personal and Prosperity Development industry. Just to mention a few of the Luminaries, you have Michael Losier author of “The Law of Attraction” who can be heard on Oprah Winfrey’s radio show, Janet Atwood author of “The Passion Test”, and Fredric Lehrman author of the best selling audio program “Prosperity Consciousness.” LifePath Unlimited Co-Founder and Director of Product Development, Patrick Combs sought out these luminaries to offer their insight and expertise in each of the areas of the Discovery Series. You will be blown away as they lead you through the “56 Days to Destiny” program.

Breakthrough is LifePath Unlimited’s exclusive 4 day conference which is all-inclusive for two people. This event is held twice annually at incredible, exotic vacation spots. Breakthrough provides a variety of interactive presentations and activities featuring top inspirational speakers and motivational trainers. Among other activities, you will have the opportunity to participate in the “Firewalk”, where you will learn to move beyond your most limiting beliefs.

Destiny is a lavish five-day all inclusive conference for two held annually at exotic destinations around globe. Destiny is the culmination of the LifePath Unlimited experience and fully manifests its culture of abundance, prosperity, and joy. Destiny moves a step beyond Breakthrough by helping you to open up and eliminate emotional baggage forever while assisting you in getting clear on your goals and taking action to achieve them. Attendees will learn from some of the most empowered and successful individuals on the planet.

Compensation Plan

LifePath Unlimited sets itself apart from other home based business models with its true direct sales Compensation Plan. Only one person is paid per sale and there are no pass ups on the Discovery product. Distributors earn $1,000 commissions from each Discovery sale. There are even higher commissions to be made for the Breakthrough and Destiny conference tickets. The commissions for Breakthrough and Destiny are $5,000 and $9,000 respectively. LifePath is unique in that they have a “No Passing Zone.” Many companies want their reps to do “training sales” before you can start making money. With LifePath Unlimited, you can make money on your very first sale! The most important benefit of this compensation plan is that it offers a true “Exit Strategy.” A significant stream of passive residual income will allow individuals to comfortably retire in as little as two years.

Marketing System

Lifepath Unlimited utilizes a marketing system called LifePath Pro which is provided by one of the top systems developers in the industry. This system is not mandatory, however many reps use it. It is an affordable $49 per month for all of the tools you will need such as pre-made web pages, 800 numbers, and auto responding emails to effectively run your business.

Not only will you be able to tap into LifePath Pro, but the person who brings you into the business will act as your one-on-one mentor to help you reach your personal and financial goals.

When it comes to home based businesses, the founders of LifePath Unlimited took their time to get it right. In my opinion the products, compensation plan, and step-by-step marketing system are the top in the industry which is why LifePath reps are finding financial success in the range of multiple six figure and even seven figure yearly incomes. This company was created by people of the highest caliber who stand with integrity behind both their products and their community. I have been nothing but impressed so far and expect nothing less in the future.




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