The Quickest Way To Living With Abundance and Prosperity

2 07 2009

What does it mean to have abundance and prosperity in your life? Certainly it may have to do with the money in your bank account, but that’s not all. Having prosperity and abundance refers to the opportunities that you feel are all around you, the relationships and family members, and the knowledge in your life. Prosperity and abundance come when you are using your talents and gifts to help others by living out your true purpose in life.

The Abundance Mentality, according to Stephen R. Covey is, “the paradigm that there is plenty out there for everybody.” There is an unlimited supply for all in the universe. Think of it as a cup overflowing with water. If you live according to the abundance mentality you are happy for people when they succeed, and look it as an opportunity to learn from them and reach that level yourself. The Scarcity Mentality is the opposite. If someone is living in scarcity they may be jealous of successful people, thinking these people took their opportunity for a raise, or to move up in their company. Truly successful people are those living in abundance which Covey says, “results in the sharing of prestige, of recognition, of profits… It opens possibilities, options…and creativity.”

Feelings of abundance and prosperity apply to money as well. When you can believe that there is plenty of money in the world to go around as opposed to believing that money is hard to earn and attain, you will see changes in your financial situation occur. To attain wealth, one must believe that there is plenty of it in the world, not just a little bit. True prosperity is not only having enough money to live a life of freedom (after all, more money = more options) but knowing how to use that money to benefit others. Try giving some away, the more you give the more you get. Being stingy with your money takes you right back to the scarcity mentality but at the same time blowing it all is frivolous and disrespectful of it. You need to find a happy medium and place top priority on that, which is of utmost importance, the relationships in your life.

Once you get very clear on exactly what your life would look like if you believed you were living in abundance and prosperity, begin feeling grateful for it. Feel grateful for those things in your life as if they were already there. Gratitude puts the Law of Attraction in an accelerated state and you will begin to see abundance and prosperity occur in your life.Abundance

As you begin considering the abundance mentality, remember that the universe is limitless. It is only we humans that put restraints on what is possible. The sooner you realize that the whole universe is interconnected and start putting out those positive vibrations of abundance, the sooner more positive vibrations will find their way into your life. Remember, the more you think with a scarcity mentality, the more scarcity you will attract into your life. The more you think with an abundance mentality, the more abundant and prosperous your life will seem.

Amanda M. is a proud Home-Based Business Owner and Internet Marketer. Amanda is a motivated businesswoman who would love to help you achieve the personal and financial freedom you deserve. She enjoys living life to the fullest, good wine, exercising, traveling, reading, writing, and enjoying time with her husband, friends, and family. For more information about Amanda and the Home-Based Business opportunity she can share with you visit or her blog at




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