Great Vacation!

27 07 2009

Excuse my absence lately! I just returned from a family vacation in the beautiful Outer Banks, North Carolina. We rented a massive house. There were 20 of us total. We were right on the beach and the house had it’s own beautiful pool so needless to say I was a little waterlogged by the end of the week. It was a great time I would suggest Corolla/Duck to anyone. The best restaurant we actually found was a pizza place in a shopping center called Timbuck II. Unfortunately because the restaurants are seasonal there isn’t much fine dining, at least that we found. But there are lots of place where you can order out such as a steamed seafood place where you pick up the seafood and then just steam it on your own oven. Good seafood to be found if you look! The beach was beautiful, weather was gorgeous! I came back with a nice suntan! 🙂 If anyone is looking for a great family-type vacation destination the Outer Banks were quite enjoyable. Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’m looking forward to a prosperous week!me and ry N.C.




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