How does this business work?
This is a direct sales business model, here is what that means:

One sale, one profit, paid directly to one person, this is NOT MLM or multi-level marketing!

You work your own business independently as an entrepreneur!

You are shown step-by-step by the top leaders in the company how to succeed!

You market high-priced, high-profit products and services with incredible value!

You sell these products online using a simple, proven internet marketing system!

You buy products at wholesale, sell them at retail, and make the same, consistently high-profit on every sale !

You only purchase products after you are paid by the client, you don’t pre-purchase anything!

The manufacturer ships the products directly to your clients! You don’t have to worry about shipping!

Your client pays you 100% directly on every sale at the time of purchase!

You pay only for the inexpensive overhead of your home office and your internet marketing!

What kind of actual work will I be doing 20-25 hours a week?
Your daily work activities may look like this:

Attend conference calls with the top income earners and successful entrepreneurs in this business!

Place simple ads on the internet, honing your newly developed marketing skills!

Return phone calls to people that have requested information from your internet ads!

Schedule qualified people on a professional presentation call to learn about the products!
(you will never do any telling, selling, or explaining… the nationwide call system does all the work)

Go to the bank and make large deposits!

Wake-up every morning loving what you do for a living!


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